History of The Association

Considering the progress of Macau industries, the needs for encouraging global exports of Macau manufactures and to deal with matters of export efficiency and improvements, the issue of forming an association of exporters was for the first time brought up in 1961. The dispute on the exchange rate for Portuguese Escudo against Macau Pataca, as announced by Banco Nacional Ultramarino, mounting during that period, further speed up the call for the existence of an association as a legitimate body to voice for the interests of Macau exporting sector. But it was not until January 7,,1965 that 25 leading exporters actually gathered together and approved unanimously to organize an association of Macau exporters and appointed the preparatory committee for the formation of the association. On the next day, January 8, another meeting was called to adopt the name of the association as MACAU EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION WITH THE PROPOSED OFFICE AT Room 201 of Ritz Mansion (which is now the general office of the Macau Tourism Services at Leal Senado Square).

The First General Assembly was held on Feb., 28, 1965, and the Association's by-laws were published officially on July 10, 1965 which officiated the Association on August 19, 1965.

By the early eighties the Association had moved to Rooms 1001 and 1002 of Tai Fung Bank Building at 32, Avenida Almeida Ribeiro. Then in 1990 the Association has moved to the present self-owned premise at the 3rd floor of Central Commercial Building. It was in the Annual General Assembly on March 30, 1990 that the notions for renaming the Association as MACAU IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION and to amend the by-laws were unanimously approved so as to accept members from our importing sectors and to serve a wider area of the Macau economic community.

The past administrative bodies of the Association have not only maintained the spirit and objectives that have been inherited to serve the members but have also overcome the challenges of economic progress. Representatives of the Association have participated in the drafting of various economic related laws and regulations and contributed opinions to all matters related to the economic developments of Macau. At the same time, representatives of the Association also serve in the Macau Legislative Assembly, the Macau Economic Council and the Macau Consultative Council, which thereby creates a great opportunity and direct channel for concerns of the members and the community at large. In addition to the above, the Association has participated in promoting Macau export and trading environment by organizing commercial delegates to China and abroad as well as organizing workshops for visiting delegates from overseas. Besides a monthly newsletters with trade opportunities circulates to all members, trading directories have been published since 1983 hoping to be a worthy hand book to channel macau trade.

The Association has been conferred the medal of Industrial and Commercial Merits by His Excellency General Vasco Rocha Vieira, Governor of Macau on June 10, 1995.