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Functions and activities

The Association was founded in 1965 in the name of "Macau Exporters Association" with about 20 founder members and members are registered by names of companies in Macau. In order to adapt the development of the Macau economy and to strengthen the promotion of the import and export trade, The Association has been renamed to "Macau Importers and Exporters Association" in 1990, and in 2003, accept the abroad importers & exporters as our members. With Macau's main exporters and importers as members, The Association had the highest representation in trading and services for import and export field and has become one of the most influential commercial & economic bodies in Macau.

Here are the brief introduction of the objectives, functions and services of The Association:

1. Objectives
The main objectives of The Association are to promote, to develop, to protect the interest of Macau export and import trading and commercial activities, to unite all commercials in the same field and to create competitiveness. The Association aims to contribute to the members and to the society with all the necessary services and legal activities, in order to attend to the objectives of The Association.

2. To Protect and To Secure Legal Rights
Even thought the development of export and import trading in Macau have faced numerous internal and external problems, The Association has tirelessly contributed the greatest efforts to solve these problems and securing the legal rights for the members. Individual member of The Association has also been invited by the Government to participate in numerous international trade negotiations, such as the bilateral Agreements for trading and economic with the European Union, the United States of America and the northern European countries.

3. To participate in Legislation and Social Affairs
For years, individual representative of The Association has participated actively in the Macau Legislative Assembly, the Macau Consultative Council, the Macau Economic Council, the Macau Permanent Social Council, the Macau Statistic Consultative Council, the Consumers' Arbitration Committee of the Macau Consumers Council, etc., besides our representatives have been nominated by the Chief Executive of Macau Special Administrative Region to participate in numerous public official, such participations and nomination have made it possible to directly voice the members' views and legal concerns to the government.

4. A Bridge with the Authorities
The Association has constantly kept an eye on the government economic policies by maintaining close contacts with the relative government departments for the best interests of the members. Co-operation with respective chambers of commerce, The Association has been able to assist members for applying for non-resident labour and the persuade the government to concern the operation problems on SMEs due to insufficient local labour. The Association has also been keen in organizing seminars and meetings to correspond with any new laws and regulations regarding the commercial or industrial field.

5. Export and Import Activities
The Association regularly organizes delegations to overseas for the purpose of creating dialogue, exchanging information, promoting bilateral trade and gaining recognition. Besides organizing its own delegations, The Association also, encourages members to participate in delegations organized by the trading department of the Macau SAR. Activities include sales and exhibitions of both local and foreign products and attracting import opportunities, business matching, all of which aid in fully developing Macau trade internationally.

6. Visiting Delegates
The Association frequently attends to visiting delegates both from China and abroad in order to build friendly relations, exchange information and develop trade.

7. Co-operating Agreement
In the recent years The Association has signed co-operating agreements to maintain relations with overseas societies. They are:

- Jiamusi City General Chamber of Commerce
- Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce
- NanHai General Chamber of Commerce
- Brazil Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
- Association of Private Enterprises of Mozambique
- China Small Commodities City Group Co., Ltd.
- Guangzhou City General Chamber of Commerce
- Inner Mongolia Federation of Industry & Commerce
- China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
- Chinese National Federation of Industries
- China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Anhui Sub Council
- The Associação Empresarial de Portugal
- Myanmar Chamber of Rice
- Tianjin Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Tianjin Jin Lan Group Corporation、Tianjin Twenty-First Century Nasda Technology Group Corporation
- Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute
- Huhhot City General Chamber of commerce, Inner Mongolia
- Shunde General Chamber of Commerce
- Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce
- China Council For the Promotion of International Trade Guangzhou Sub Council
- Superior Council of Chamber of Commerce of Cape Verde
- China Council For the Promotion of International Trade Guangdong Sub Council
- The Associação Empresarial de Portugal
- China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Zhejiang Sub council
- Zhejiang Private (Non-governmental) Enterprise Association
- China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hainan Sub Council
- Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Services, Guinea Bissau
- Shanghai Chamber of Commerce For Import and Export
- Guangdong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association
- Macao Electronic Financial Industry Trade Promotion Association

8. Providing Consultation Services
The Association offers members assistance to solve problems related to laws and regulations of Macau industries, commerce, tax, employment and procedures of export and import documentation as well as foreign investment. Copies of up-to-date Macau bilateral agreements from various countries or economic bodies are available to members.

9. Providing Commercial Information
Monthly newsletters are provided to members with commercial information and business enquiries from all over the world. Statistical data and economic information from local authority as well as from overseas, including magazines, literatures and compact disc gathered, from USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, European Union and Portuguese-speaking countries etc., are available to the members for reference and reading.

10. Providing Promoting Services
Besides being in the position to promote the members' products either import or export through the contacts of international trade bodies and Macao and Portuguese-Speaking Countries´ Display Centre, regularly up-dated members' directory is also provided free-of-charge to local and overseas interested parties.

11. Recreational Activities
To create opportunities to meet in a relaxing atmosphere, the Association regularly organizes tours, outings and gatherings for all members.

12. Donations and Contributions
The Association is always lending a helping hand whenever there are necessities, for donations locally or to mainland China in cases of disasters. The Association has also been a core supporter for various charities and contributor to various social welfare programs.